GameStrong: LiveStronger!

GameStrong LiveStronger" Initiative for the Nine2 Ninety2 Foundation Changing Lives One Player At A Time

About This Initiative

"GameStrong LiveStronger" is an innovative initiative designed to harness the power of gaming for promoting mental health and emotional wellbeing. This initiative aligns with the core values of the Nine2 Ninety2 Foundation: providing a sense of belonging, fostering connections, skill development, and promoting kindness.

The initiative is adaptable for various organizations, including businesses, educational institutions, community groups, and individuals, aiming to reshape the perception of gaming into a valuable tool for mental health and societal contribution.

Impact Objectives

1. Enhance public perception of gaming as a positive influence on mental health.

2. Foster a global community of gamers engaged in mental health advocacy.

3. Develop skills and promote emotional wellbeing through gaming.

4. Contribute to the broader conversation on mental health and reduce stigma.

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"GameStrong LiveStronger" is not just an initiative; it's a movement to redefine the role of gaming in society. By focusing on mental health, community, skill development, and kindness, it aims to create a world where gaming is recognized as a valuable tool for personal growth and societal wellbeing.

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GameStrong LiveStronger" as a Universal Template and Program

The "GameStrong LiveStronger" initiative is designed to be a universally accessible template and program, free of charge, for any community or organization interested in incorporating its mission into their efforts. This inclusivity ensures that the positive impact of gaming on mental health and emotional wellbeing can be spread widely and effectively, regardless of the size, location, or type of organization.

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Join Us in Our Mission

Step 1: Learn about the Foundation

Step 1: Learn about the Foundation

Gaming possesses a borderless, global, and universally accessible nature. Utilizing this wide-reaching platform, we are dedicated to delivering our programs with a primary focus on four foundations: fostering a sense of belonging, facilitating meaningful connections, nurturing skill development, and harnessing the transformative power of kindness.

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Step 2: Join Our Discord and Get to Know Our Community

Step 2: Join Our Discord and Get to Know Our Community

Dive into our Discord: A haven for gamers passionate about making a difference. Level up in-game, connect with like-minded players, and champion mental well-being. Here, every click counts towards a greater purpose. Ready to transform your play? Join the conversation now.

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Step 3: The Million Member Crew

Step 3: The Million Member Crew

The "Million Member Crew" is an innovative initiative uniting one million people across schools, businesses, gaming communities, and beyond, under the "GameStrong LiveStronger" ethos. It aims to create inclusive environments, fostering belonging and connection across diverse groups. Focused on skill development and promoting kindness and empathy, this program transcends gaming, impacting education, professional life, and personal growth, nurturing a more connected, empathetic society.

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Our Competitive Develpment Platform Launching 2024

Our Competitive Develpment Platform Launching 2024

Introducing our custom development platform, designed for passionate gamers like you! Dive into a world where competition meets purpose, where every match you play contributes to a greater cause. Engage with a community driven by the same mission, and leverage your gaming prowess to amplify your reach and impact. It's not just about winning; it's about playing for a purpose, connecting with like-minded individuals, and making gaming more meaningful than ever. Join us, have fun, and game for a change!

Coming 2024
Show Your Passion

Show Your Passion

Every piece of our new merch isn't just fashion—it's a mission. Representing our drive to use gaming as a force for mental health awareness, each item embodies our commitment to breaking the silence and supporting our community. By wearing GameStrong:LiveStronger! gear, you're championing a cause close to many hearts. Plus, each purchase aids our efforts to uplift and educate gamers about mental health. Gear up, show your support, and let's game for a brighter future together!

Rock the Logo on Your Digital Footprint! $1.25

Rock the Logo on Your Digital Footprint! $1.25

Support our cause with this exclusive digital download! Designed with passion, this product represents our fundraising initiative to drive positive change. By purchasing, you're not only showing your support but also becoming an integral part of our mission. Display it, share it, and stand with us. Together, we can make a difference. ❤️

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Streaming for the Mission

Streamlabs Charity Verified

Host a Charity Livestream with Streamlabs to Support the Nine2 Ninety2 Foundation and the  GameStrong:LiveStronger! initiative.

Why Game Alone When You Can Game for Good?

Join the Nine2 Ninety2 Foundation's GameStrong: LiveStronger! initiative.

How Can You Help?

Host a charity livestream on Streamlabs dedicated to our cause. You'll entertain your audience and make a meaningful impact.

What's in It for You?

Visibility: We'll feature your stream on our social media.
Community: Join a network of gamers passionate about mental health.
Impact: Directly contribute to expanding mental health services.

How to Get Started

Sign Up: Register with Streamlabs and link to your streaming platform.
Choose Us: Select the Nine2 Ninety2 Foundation as your charity.
Stream: Go live and encourage donations.
Celebrate: Share your impact and enjoy the difference you've made.

Let's GameStrong to LiveStronger!

Next Fundraiser: 24 Hour Livestream Feb 3-4, 2024 Host a Fundraiser with us for part or all of the event. 

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Contact Us Today

We invite you to join us in the conversation about gaming and mental health. Have any inquiries, questions, or ideas to share? We're all ears!

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