The Mission

People all around us are suffering in silence and believing they're alone in facing the challenges of life. We see the impact of that suffering not only in individual lives, but in the pressure it put's on a system unable to keep up with the needs.

While we acknowledge that we are not mental healthcare professionals, we firmly believe in the potential of gaming to contribute positively. Gaming possesses a borderless, global, and universally accessible nature. Utilizing this wide-reaching platform, we are dedicated to delivering our programs with a primary focus on four foundations: fostering a sense of belonging, facilitating meaningful connections, nurturing skill development, and harnessing the transformative power of kindness.

This endeavor represents a global project aimed at "Saving Lives Through Gaming.

The Story

At the center of this project is the experience of losing our oldest son on December 7, 2021 to his long battle with mental health. 

During the countless hours and sleepless nights at his side through the last year of his life, we were often heartbroken as we felt powerless to help.

We pursued every person, program and  resource we could find, only to discover that we faced a system completely overwhelmed by the needs of the many who are suffering.

Despite his growing up in a large loving family, having lifelong friends and many who admired the kindness at the core of his soul, he would share with me, "Dad, I don't feel like I belong anywhere", "I don't feel like I have anyone to connect with that understands", "I don't have skills to provide for a family" and "the world feels like such an unkind place".

​Those tear filled conversations changed us forever. And, as I began sharing my son's experience with others around me, I became overwhelmed with how many struggle with those same feelings. The more I shared his story, the more attention it got from around the world. 

It became heartbreakingly clear that too many around us are suffering in silence, searching for answers to those same feelings. I knew there had to be something we could do to help. And, the answer was staring me in the face!  It was the work I was already doing to improve gaming culture worldwide. ​

Gaming's culture offers a place to Belong, people to Connect with, skills to Develop and, yes, even a place to find Kindness. It has a reach that is global and borderless with a built-in universal appeal.  And, it's already a place where people gather to manage the storms of life.

So, this project of saving lives through gaming was born. It doesn't mean it will be the right solution for everyone but it can be for many.

In the end, we know we can't save everyone, but everyone can save someone!

​Join us in saving your someone,

Rob (StreetTacoEater) Davis - Founder of iinplay / Nine2 Ninety2